Monday, June 2, 2008

pfSense - where's ftp?

You'd not expect open source software to get as many bashings as the store bought fecal matter, especially from an advocate of free software. So, let me explain why pfSense is good, before I explain why it is bad.

It's free, it's stable, it performs well, it's full featured, and most importantly, it lets me have as many interfaces on a homemade router as I want. I really thought it was more than good, I thought it was GREAT.

So anyway, basically you can't use FTP with this thing unless you're just nigh a developer yourself.
There are workarounds and such, it's pretty easy to make an FTP client on your lan connect to a server on the net, with conditions if you are lucky enough to meet them, and with some ability to garner knowledge or at least read instructions. What about a piece of software that unfortunately uses the FTP protocol on a non-standard port? Apparently it's no dice with pfSense.

Holy stinkin cow! How can a router project reach the level that this one has and HAVE NO FLAWLESS FTP FORWARDING!?

Sure, I understand these guys do this stuff for free more often than not, but my god... it's FTP. Who doesn't need that except the more simple home users who won't be using this anyway?

I imagine that I would NEVER need another firewall/router solution if pfSense FTP was flawless, incoming and outgoing, and configurable for multiple WANs. But without it, it's a borderline throwback.