Friday, May 23, 2008

CERME 7.0 from McKesson - Sloppy and annoying

"Care Enhance Review Manager Enterprise" or "CERME". Every time I update this software I am required to enter a user ID and a Product Key. The product key is different every single time. The problem is that I am never given the product key with the installation media, nor over the phone. I always have to call them and wait about half an hour for the key to arrive. Why do companies insist on this "atm" licensing key scenario? Is it to protect the product from being illegally copied or used ? Especially, why would you send the media to a paying customer, then worry about them trying to steal your product? Just send me the GD key with the CD... oh wait now I get it. It would cost more to print it out and manually insert it in every single CD package. Sorry you can't afford to do that. Maybe your revenue is down because:

Your tech support is sloppy and incomplete.
We required a CERME tech guy to log in to our SQL server and fix a problem a while back. Can't remember what the problem was, but I do remember it took about a half a day too long to fix. During this debacle, the tech guy informed me that the database name "Care_Enhance_Review_Manager" was unacceptable. (It's a frickin database name. It's frickin acceptable) How do I know it's frickin acceptable? Because it was THEIR previous tech person who frickin named it that and it worked for years that way. So anyway, this guy insists on creating a new database with the proper name "cerme". Hmm... why not just rename the old one? BECAUSE HE DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO FIX IT. He took the easy way out. Ok, so I do that too whenever I can, but it's always nice to know I COULD have fixed something and knew what he problem was and just didn't see the benefit of wasting the time to do it the "right" way. But this guy tried and just couldn't find the problem in the first place. So, in the meantime, he also leaves us with all the tables being owned by an integrated login instead of a sql specific login, so they'll be connecting any minute now to fix that, because the current update to 7.0 choked on it. How about some SQL handling here guys? No need for your update script to choke on this. As a matter of fact, it could detect and fix it if you wanted it too. Maybe that same tech guy is the programmer for your flaky java powered install app. Pff.