Thursday, May 15, 2008

Precis-Hospital Software to Metriq

Well this company has changed the name of their software for some reason. Probably to make it more appealing because the name "Precis" sounds a little to spacey-french in my opinion. Wait, so does "Metriq". Oh well. I will perform this update later today, but for the moment, as I read over the update notes I notice that the instructions say that you should "print copies of all the follow-up letters and labels that you have created" and that you should also "make a print screen of any follow-up templates that you have created. They will need to be re-created after the upgrade."

How frickin lazy is that!? Their software can't find and retain this information within itself!? Holy cow this is lazy programming. ( but par for the course! ) And the way for us to "back it up" is to PRINT it and make SCREENSHOTS? Oh my goodness.

A little bit of an update since this is my first blog entry after years of putting up with bad software. Precis-Hospital is a company that duped a poor unsuspecting lady (customer) in our organization into thinking that being "chosen" a "beta-tester" had some elite connotation to it. She doesn't even realize that she was a free guinea pig for their company for years while they "fixed" problems in their software. It continues to be problematic and she has been duped into thinking that these ongoing problems are all part of the game of paying big bucks for "really good software that does what she needs." *sigh*

We have some form of problem every single time we've updated, and several in between. Mostly they have to do with how the software appears to misuse borrowed libraries for drawing button and text controls on the screen. Who knows if thats the problem or what they do to fix it, but that's how it comes across.